Expensive Church Universities: The Least of These or the Rich of These?

There is a debate here and there over the right of the church to create universities and charge very high tuition fees. My mind is not exempted from this debate and having thought it over and over again with boggling questions, I looked into the history of Christian oriented education in Africa and I have also been divinely drawn to a few verses of the scriptures. 

What is the underlying purpose for creating church schools? 

The legacy of Christian missionaries in Africa lives up to this day. In Africa most of the leaders who participated in the fight for independence were educated by missionaries or schools built by missionaries. 

A thing of note is the history of the Catholic education in Nigeria. The missionaries came with “the Bible and their Pen” as tools for the indoctrination of the Christian faith. They began to build missionary schools in all nooks and crannies of the country with limited resources available. 

Christianity laid the foundation for European civilization, it was therefore decided as the only hope for Africa. The missionaries made free and low cost education one of their chief means for the spread of Christianity in West Africa. Missionary activities carried with it building of schools, Churches, roads and hospitals.

Several educationists, evangelists, and even nationalists benefited and many Nigerians quickly passed out of these mission founded schools. Mission schools, since the 1800s offered free or low-cost education to the majority of Nigeria's youth. In 1942, 97% of Nigeria's student population were enrolled in missionary schools.

What is Purpose of Tithe and Offering in Missionary Work?

The Israelites were mandated to donate 10% of certain harvest to the priests and Levites. This goes toward the pastor's salary, the church facility, and other expenses. Whereas an offering is any further donation above the 10%. This is usually earmarked for missionary work, a building fund, the needy, or a para-church ministry.

Christian Universities could be said to be a missionary disposition and the purpose therefore must be towards the values of Christianity. To spread the word of life, instill discipline and moral values and as well target the “least of these”
2 Corinthians 11:7–8, gives us a picture of what church funds are to be used for in the New Testament.

“Have i committed an offence in abasing myself that ye might be exalted, because i have preached to you the gospel of god freely? Vs.8 I robbed other churches, taking wages of them, to do you service.”

Should the Church do Business with Church Funds?

Churches are expected not to go into business but to depend on offerings which are in turn used to take care of the church management and activities.
1 Corinthians 9:14, tells us why preachers and missioners must get their living from the gospel and not from business.

In the same way, the Lord commanded that those who proclaim the gospel should get their living by the gospel. 1 Corinthians 9:14

The church has no business in doing business. The sole purpose of the church is to spread the gospel of Christ. Should the church decide to build Schools, hospitals and other institutions in order to spread the gospel, contribute to the society or help the poor, they are not to be in any way profit oriented.

Is Expensive Church Schools Biblical?

No!  The Bible has laid a standard which must be upheld by Christ followers. The major reason given by religious leaders who charge too high tuition fees in their various institutions is that: They need to get the word of God to the rich and as well provide quality education. 

There are a few errors with such stance.

1.       Jesus never targeted the rich or elites, but he revealed the kingdom to babes. If any group should be targeted by the church, it should be the less privileged.

In that hour Jesus rejoiced in spirit, and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes: even so, Father; for so it seemed good in thy sight. Luke 10:21

2.       Heaven is for the Poor. Should the church decide to offer the Christian faith and quality education through schools, the poor who cannot afford foreign or costly local universities should be the sole target.
And he lifted up his eyes on his disciples, and said, Blessed be ye poor: for yours is the kingdom of God. Luke 6: 20

3.       The rich’s fate is already sealed. Jesus who knew better than anyone concluded the fate of the rich in Mathew 19:24. Since majority of the rich in Nigeria and elsewhere acquired their wealth through political affiliations, self-aggrandizement and corruption, their fate is sealed as long as they remain rich. Coming to God like Zacchaeus the Tax Collector and returning their stolen wealth is the only way to escape eternal damnation. Will the rich ever give up their wealth?

Zacchaeus sought Jesus out by climbing a sycamore-fig tree before Jesus gave him salvation. Churches are not to do otherwise by targeting the rich in any manner. Rather than change the rich, they will end up corrupting the church.

And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. Mathew 19:24

4.       The Least of these. God is more interested in the ripe harvest. The healthy needs no physician. The rich can afford existing expensive universities, they can afford to travel out of the country to seek quality education. The church should target the sick, poor and less privileged who are ripe for harvest. In every disposition of the church, we must target the “least of these” whom God refers to in the book of Mathew 25: 40-46

Caring for the poor and marginalized is a central tenet of the gospel. What better passage to reinforce this principle than Matthew 25:40, where Jesus commands us to care for “the least of these. “The least of these” are the poor and needy. Who are the most marginalized in society other than the hungry, thirsty, homeless, naked, sick, imprisoned, uneducated and poor? As Mother Teresa said of the poor, “Each one of them is Jesus in disguise.”

Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee? Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me. Mathew 25: 45-46

There is therefore no justification for creating profit oriented church schools, church schools targeting the rich and church schools that: the “least of these” cannot afford. If church funds are not sufficient to afford and manage free education, the church should rather spend tithes and offerings on other worthy projects that will bring respect and honor to the church and as well win souls to Christ. Our target must always be the Least of These and not the Rich of These.


Hordes of calamities have befallen our country and our wreck must be salvaged while there is still time. I have therefore decided to write this open letter to Mr. President believing that he has what it takes to make a difference and make hay while the sun shines.

I am writing this Save Our Right and Save our Economy letter to you sir as the number 1 citizen who is obliged to be the most patriotic. It also comes at a time when the Nigerian economy is in distress and in need of respite.

The government of the day and the people have often lamented the damage caused by the PDP led government in recent years, what could have been done and avoided. Today, it is more than a year since your Government began and we already have history written about your performance.

Top of the plagues table is the issue of our Economic distress. This will also top the blame table come 2019 when the APC government under your watch face the judgment of the people. Why do we have the natural and intellectual resources envied by many nations and still surfer? Mr. President, you have to heed our call and make a difference or be profiled in the chronicles of failed Presidents.

The media reported the government’s unimpressive intention and decision to fold arms and await a change of fortune when oil prices soar again while Nigerians watch in desperation and suffering. There is also talk to taxing our calls and data subscriptions which can be easily labelled as “robbing Paul to take care of Paul”. There must be a better plan and in this letter, I offer an elixir of life that can only be unlocked with a patriotic spirit, commitment and determination.

By reason of the Patent and Designs Act, Nigeria is due for over $47 billion today. Every Nigerian, diplomat and multi-national has a duty to be patriotic as we need the $47 billion in this trying time. The first citizen of our country must lead in collection of our $47 billion royalty.

Comandclem Nigeria Limited and Patentees has a Nigerian Patent worth over $150 billion. The Anti-corrosive Special Paint was invented and patented. It is a paint invented and deployed by all Oil multinationals in Nigeria to prevent equipment corrosion especially offshore where salt waters are unforgiving. The Federal Government on the 5th of August, 1999 granted the letters patent to Comandclem Nigeria Limited.

Here is a copy of the Patent. http://comandclemonline.com/image/Comandclem-Patente-Certificate.jpg

Our difficulties started when Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited refused to pay up royalties accrued by the rights granted every Patentee by the Patent and Designs Act to receive royalties between $2 and $50 per article of every patented invention. In the said Invention which is a paint deployed to counter corrosion of equipment by our oil multinationals, each article is the barrel of oil. The Patentee (Inventor) requested the minimum of just $2/barrel.

The user’s refusal to pay up resulted in a legal battle where the Nigerian Inventors won all objections by Mobil Producing Nigeria unlimited from the Trial Court under Justice Adeniji to the Appeal Court and to the Supreme Court on Interlocutory between year 2000 and 2007. The case was referred back to the Trial Court for the substantive after settling all objections raised by Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited in favor of the Nigerian Inventor.

The case was the first of its kind which was held in the Nigerian Consul outside Nigerian soil in New York, USA. There was a Mobil company staff witness who couldn’t travel down to Nigeria for cross examination and the Court had to move to the United States of America for his cross examination.

The Judge, Justice Gladys Olotu went outside of her powers to re-litigate matters already settled by Superior Courts, refused their orders and upturned all their decisions favoring Nigeria to collect royalties worth over $47 billion. Justice Gladys Olotu was disgraced and sacked in year 2013 for doing the same Injustice in another case.

The Judge has been sacked but the evil done to Nigeria lingers with Royalties yet to be paid by our Oil Multinationals especially Mobil who were the first beneficiaries that brazenly infringed on the Patent. At the moment, there is an application before the Supreme Court of Nigeria to have the case restored while Nigerians are asking for a Presidential negotiation with the Infringers for payment of royalties especially at this time of economic distress.

I write on behalf of Comandclem Nigeria Limited and Nigerians altogether who are all stakeholders and beneficiaries of the Invention which will bring over $47 billion into our foreign reserve. We call on the Government of the day to intervene, call on our oil multinationals to in the spirit of patriotism accept offers for negotiation and pay accrued royalties of Patent RP13522 which is a better alternative to prolonged legal battles.

Since the $47 billion legacy was jeopardized by the Judiciary through Justice Gladys Olotu’s ignorance and impunity, the Judiciary also must correct their mistakes and save her name from disrepute as quickly as possible in this messianic Patent case should the Infringers reject negotiation.

Rather than fold our hands and wait till luck smiles on us, we have before us the Intellectual Property and resources in Patent RP13522 to get out of recession in less than 90 days. The Patent expires in year 2019. It will either become an elixir of life for our economy, make President Buhari a hero or expire with his tenure come 2019. President Muhammadu Buhari, are you the one to save our rights and economy or shall we wait for another?

Case History

Comandclem Vs Mobil in the Federal High Court
Comandclem Vs Mobil in Appeal and Supreme Court – Interlocutory
Federal High Court and Appeal Court – Substantive
3 Big Judicial Mistakes that Cost and Delayed Royalties

Mr. President! Recover our $44 Billion

Seated in my living room with a cup of tea, I stare at a page on my computer in despair. Is Nigeria still worth living in? What does the future hold? What shall become of this nation and the many innocent, law abiding citizens and the coming generation who bears the brunt of a failing state?

First came my joy over the news of bribery in the Judiciary. Not that bribery is a noble thing to make us merry, but that the incidence came to limelight. We have known from the start that the Judiciary is King amongst the thieves. Our corrupt and dirty judiciary is the greatest plague ravaging the country. However, my Joy was short lived.

Why should I joy when the recent revelations will only form an arc in the circle of politics in Nigeria? Have we not all experienced Injustice in our lives? Have we not all wailed about how many innocent lavish in prisons without convictions? Have we not all experienced police brutality? Have we not all suffered the consequences of our corrupt leaders since independence? Have we not experienced auctioning of judgments in many court cases in time past?

How many of these wrongs were ever attended to and compensated? The dust of Judiciary corruption is all over the place now and only time will tell if the issues are not swept under the carpet as political forces come to play.

Our mentality and orientation in this country is questionable. Our leaders are good at playing the political war game against the economic interest of Nigeria. If an issue does not benefit our leaders politically, they don’t see a reason to advance such cause. 

Is the Corruption Bruhaha of the APC not a political mantra to outwit PDP in the last election and an effort to continue their rule? I am yet to find a cause not motivated by political interest rather than national interest.

As much as I support the invasion and crack down on corrupt Judges, I am left to question the true motive and intention of the government. To score political point or advance the cause of our noble country? How many petitioned cases beside the political has been given attention or investigated by the EFCC and the DSS?

It is still fresh in my memory how a judge renowned for selling Judgment to the highest bidder remained a Judge of the Federal High Court for over a decade plying her trade as the Chief Auctioneer of Judgments. She remained a well-known corrupt judge without retribution from the NJC. Ms Gladys Olotu was a Judge of the Federal High Court who sold Nigeria out in a $44 billion fund case between Exxon Mobil and Comandclem Nigeria Limited.

She comfortably and without fear re-litigated already settled verdicts of 2 superior courts and overturned their decisions in the said case. She was never questioned or punished upon the media petition and outcry that followed. She eventually met her doom when she did the same in a Political Case.

She was influenced to delay judgment in a particular political case, and the petition that came thereafter resulted in her sack.  What took the NJC so long do cut away the sinning arm?

Now that it is no more rumor that the Supreme Court too is corrupt, why do we respect Democracy and prefer it to the Military? The very people that stands in the place of god in the courts are far worse than those they judge. In clear cases of the thief and the owner, many of these Judges deliberately delay cases waiting for the concerned parties to offer them money.

Just as some of our Senior Lawyers scramble for corruption and political cases in order to have a share of stolen money, are the EFCC and DSS also in the business of picking and investigating big money and political cases for benefits?

The Story of Comandclem Nigeria Limited and the $44 billion royalty earned for Nigeria is such a shame. First, the Judiciary delayed the matter for years and eventually sold the case to the highest bidder at the Federal High Court under Ms Gladys Olotu. The Federal Court of Appeal followed suit when Justice Kumai Akaahs brought up issues not contested in support of the one that probably warmed his palm. The Supreme Court refused to do Justice till date after erroneously dismissing a noble appeal that stands to benefit Nigeria of $44 billion.

The said Supreme Court Judges including Justice Kumai Akaahs reportedly received stakes from Justice Mary Odili’s Judgment auctioning. 

Wind don blow, we don see fowl nyansh!

It is left for the government of the day to intensify the anti-corruption crusade and not concentrate on the political issues alone but also on issues that will bring the very best to our economy. The Government of the day must not bow to blackmail from the NJC as they attempt to set their cronies free following their bribery scandal. There is still a window of opportunity for Nigeria to pursue and recover her $44 billion being carted away by the corruption horses of the Judiciary in SUIT: SC/69/2011.

The Government of the day must prove to us that the anti-corruption campaign is not just a political weapon employed by the APC against the opposition but a genuine crusade meant to salvage our dying economy. The President cannot afford to fail in this anti-corruption battle or Nigeria is finished.
Mr. President! Get us our $44 billion!

Chief Ken is an advocacy Writer from Lagos.

War On Judiciary Corruption - Thank You Mr. President

Something in me leapt for joy. I haven’t felt such relief and ecstasy for a long time since I lost my Dad. The unimaginable happened in the DSS storming and arrest of thieves and Judgment auctioneers. We have always known and experienced one form of impunity by our judges from the Federal High Court up to the Supreme Court of Nigeria. Therefore, if the unimaginable is the light in our dark tunnel, we must follow in support.

Having had a taste of Judges Impunity and experiences with typical Nigerians who were served the same in time past, I’d wished for something to bring sanctity and sanity back into our decayed and stinking Judiciary. 

Words cannot express enough how much damage the Judiciary has done to Nigeria by contributing to corruption. By putting up Judgment for sale and giving it to the highest bidders, they have destroyed lives and brought so much poverty upon Nigerians. On many occasions, they have sold Nigeria out for a plate of porridge.

Behind these Judgment Auctions are Senior Advocates of Nigeria. I will not be surprised to see Chief Mike Ozhekome representing a party in this recent bribery scam. Chief Mike Ozhekome is a renowned lawyer who takes pride in setting the captives free. He is always at his best when defending corruption and Injustice.
Mike Ozhekome was quick to say a barrage of things against the government of the day for swinging in action against dirty judges who were on a mission to deliver Justice to the highest bidder. I can still remember he defended Diepreye Alamieyeseigha and Farouk Lawan. He was the counsel to recently embattled Raymond Dokpesi, he defended Micheal Igbinedion and his co-accused Patrick Eboighdi in a clear case of embezzlement of public funds worth 25 billion naira. He was the legal counsel to Audu Ogbe, ex-governor of Kogi State. He defended Kenny Martin in an International 419 case.

On April 16, Professor Itse Sagay was quoted against Chief Mike Ozhekome when Ozhekome accused the EFCC of acting outside of the law by recovering stolen money from politicians. Below was what Itse Sagay had to say in response.

“When he wants to defend his friends, he should go and check the law and be sure what he is talking about. Nigeria has laws that entitle you to recover properties and that is the emphasis for now because we need our monies and properties back from the looters.”

After Mike Ozhekome defended Audu who had been to the Supreme Court 3 times for an interlocutory injunction to halt justice when his case had not even entered the trial stage. An EFCC operative had this to say.
“Senior lawyers are too attracted to money to be made from defending highly corrupt persons that some of them are now totally without inhibition. He cited an incident in which six Senior Advocates of Nigeria at an Abuja High Court were scrambling to appear for six suspects arraigned on 29 March before an Abuja High Court on a 16-count charge of stealing N32.8 billion.”

Chief Mike Ozhekome consistently advocates for the clipping of EFCC’s wings so that he can set free his corrupt friends and judgment auctioneers. See what he had to say in the face of Judges taking bribes and being investigated by the EFCC.

“This is clearly against one of the cardinal principles of the doctrine of fair hearing, namely that no one should be a judge in his own case. By also harassing, intimidating, abusing, browbeating and allegedly surreptitiously and clandestinely investigating judges, the Commission intends to also take over the functions of the judge and jury.”

The Judges had always been above the law. I think they need a humbling.

One of the biggest hits Nigeria has taken from corruption is the $44 billion case where Exxon Mobil were able to convince a Federal High Court Judge to entertain and overrule the decision of an Appeal Court and a Supreme Court in Nigeria. In the said case, “Injustice” Gladys Olotu took bribes and denied Nigeria $44 billion. The matter was further complicated by dirty forces in the judiciary and presently at the Supreme Court of Nigeria. The said money is on the verge of being forfeited if the government does not intervene.

For over a decade, we have watched the impunity of corrupt Judges. It is grave and ridiculous that Supreme Court Judges could become so corrupted by money. However, it is particularly pleasing that the apex court judges are being made scape goats as there are still some within yet to be exposed.
This is a victory on its own for the government of the day. 

Mr. President. Thank You. 

We look forward to the collection of $44 billion royalties on Comandclem Nigeria Limited Patent RP13522. A payment that had been stalled by corruption in the Judiciary.

EFCC Vs CCNL: Victory on the Horizon as Rev. Jesse Daniel Makes Mincemeat of EFCC

In a case where the hunter became the hunted, the EFCC has proven to be a toothless dog in prosecuting big cases as they are known to bully the poor while the rich escape the fist of Justice. In another case where the poor is hounded and persecuted, EFCC is now the hunter turned the hunted many thanks to the brilliance of Barr. Rev. Jesse Daniel Onuigbo.

For quite some time now, the EFFC has been a thorn in the flesh of Comandclem Nigeria Ltd, harassing, intimidating and putting a halt to the activities of the company. Without diligent look into the activities of Comandclem Nig Ltd, in the course of their investigation, EFCC invaded the premises of the Inventor and CEO of Comandclem Nig ltd’s office and residence and made away with various official and non official items such as registration receipts, member records, computers and motor vehicles.

Many of such items are still in the custody of the EFCC and some motor vehicles were reportedly turned into personal property by an EFCC Operative. Paul Okoli, an EFCC operative panicked and could not defend himself during cross examination by Rev. Jesse Daniel as to why the vehicles he made away with from the his client’s compound were not registered in EFCC inventory and while he lied on oath in another court that the vehicles are exhibits to be presented in a Lagos Court, he was unable to produce the vehicles as exhibit before the court.

The EFCC in her various allegations could not produce a single witness to proof their case against Comandclem Nig Ltd. The EFCC claimed Comandclem Nig Ltd operated a Pyramid Scheme and received investments from the public without License from the CBN and constituted authorities. Arguing his case, Bar. Rev. Jesse Daniels countered such allegations asserting the authority of CCNL by virtue of Letters Patent RP13522.: an invention which he proved to be a property and right vest-able without additional Licence according to the Patent and Design Act.

As parties submit their written address today before the Lagos State High Court, from all indication in this case so far, A resounding victory is on the Horizon for the company and the teeming Patentees of the Anti-corrosive Special Paint Patent. A victory will add another belt to the cause of Patentees in another legal tussle over payment of Royalties against Exxon Mobil at the Supreme Court of Nigeria Abuja.

The expected victory will return the battered credibility of Comandclem before the public and build confidence in the legal team appointed by the Late Chairman and True Inventor King Clement Uwemedimo.

A Call to Arms

This year is the most difficult in recent years for Nigerians. We are faced with circumstances that seem too big to get through. Judging by our present predicament, we should brace ourselves for more sufferings. We therefore have before us today an ordeal of the most importance as we battle to escape the economic hardship gripping us by the jugulars.

Quite revealing is the opinion of David Cameron on Nigerian State. He referred to Nigeria as a fantastically corrupt country where riches are stolen and shipped abroad by politicians.  Nigeria is not only a corrupt country but also a sleeping country where fantastically dirty and clever foreigners cart away profits while the citizens settle for less.

At a time when our ailing economy met corruption at its peak, we found respite in an incoming government determined to stamp out corruption and bring life to our economy.  We can partly celebrate our first anti-corruption themed government in over 2 decades.

However, today, this call to arms isn’t just about our government or corrupt politicians. It is more about David Cameron and the likes harboring our riches in times like this. As we have a serious government determined to end corruption and make judicious use of our wealth, there is a need to recover stolen funds deposited in foreign accounts in the limited tenure of President Buhari.

As a matter of National Security and Public Policy, in this time of economic distress and anti-corruption government, we must take up arms and call on countries harboring our wealth and stolen funds to expedite the recovery process.

As a matter of National Security and Public Policy, we must compel the United States Government and other countries involved to obey the laws of our land and stop taking advantage of systemic corruption to get the better of us. 

We have seen many cases where foreign firms offer bribes to our corrupt public office holders to win contracts. We have seen how foreign firms make a fool of our Judiciary by bribing judges to pervert justice and have their way. It is still fresh in our memory how Exxon Mobil bribed sacked Justice Gladys Olotu of the federal High Court.

She put Nigeria to shame in our very novel case where a Nigerian court sat in the Nigerian mission in a foreign country. The sitting in the Nigerian Mission in New York was a unique, peculiar and ground breaking event. It was a novel development in the legal history of Nigeria. Unfortunately that case was marred with bribery and a monumental loss. 

In the Federal High Court case (FHC/UY/CS/47/03) Holden at the Consulate-general of Nigeria House, New York, United State of America, the first of its kind in Nigeria, Justice Gladys Olotu took bribes from Exxon Mobil and thereafter re-litigated matters already settled by 2 superior courts. That bribe and injustice done thereafter denied Nigeria a whopping 4.8 Trillion naira. (40 billion US Dollars).

This is exactly how foreign firms corrupt our public office holders to have their way in Nigeria. A collection or pile up of such dirty dealings coupled with systemic corruption has put our economy in a sorry state today.

As our president wields his battle axe against corrupt elements in Nigeria, the law abiding citizens must join the fight and call on foreign governments to expedite recovery and return of stolen funds and as well compel their ambassadors and representatives in Nigeria to act responsibly and honorably.

Nigeria has a powerful jewel worth 4.8 trillion naira. This is pending payment from an American company Exxon Mobil for the use of a Nigerian Invention. The Patent RP13522 is the jewel worth 4.8 trillion naira and jeopardized by sacked Justice Gladys Olotu when she received bribes and perverted justice. 

This is a clarion call to all Nigerians to sign a petition to the United States Government to compel Exxon Mobil to stop perverting justice in Nigeria and pay up over 4.8 trillion naira royalties owed Nigerians on Patent RP13522.  

Our policy is to take up arms which can be done by signing this petition and our aim is to receive owed Royalties of Patent RP13522 worth 4.8 trillion naira. Kindly take up your arms by putting down your signature for this just and honorable cause.

Visit the link below, click “Sign Now”, enter your names and email in the forms and click “Sign Now”. Remember to verify your signature by confirming a message sent to your email.


$150b Royalty: President Buhari’s Good Fortune

It is no more news that a legacy prevails in the land albeit dormant. The $150 billion couldn’t have had a better time to arrive than the era of Revolution that has ushered in many positive changes.

The Invention of an Anti-Corrosive Paint looks to be the elixir of life our economy that has struggled for many months now needs to strive.

So sought was the Elixir of life that many alchemist pursued it. The fabled elixir was a ticket to immortality. It was also said to be able to create life. In Ancient China various emperors sought the elixir with varying results of failure. Today in Nigeria, our economy will benefit from such kind of elixir and it comes begging.

The Elixir was invented and born for a noble cause on the 5th of August 1999. The Anti Corrosive Special Paint RP13522 invented by Late. Prof. Emeritus C.J.A Uwemedimo becomes the Elixir of life for our dear country Nigeria. Struggling Nigeria could yet survive the plagues of today blowing away the country like wind on sand.

This Invention is being used by our oil multinationals in the drilling, carting away of our natural resources and our profits. It is an anti-corrosive paint that prevents oil pipelines and other equipment' from rusting away especially offshore where the salty waters highly corrode metal.

According to the Patent and designs Act, the users or marketers of an invention however applicable must pay royalties to the Inventor. Since the invention of the Anti-corrosive Special Paint, all “infringers” and users of the invention are yet to pay up royalties of more than $150 billion.  The user and “infringer” in Chief happen to be Exxon Mobil.

We looked up to our past successive government for so long to bring an end to poverty by bridging the gap between the rich and the poor but the rich kept getting richer and the poor getting poorer. After decades of oil discovery and exploration, Nigeria remains in a sorry state. The masses are still starving, we don’t have quality education yet, our lands are covered with darkness as stable electricity seem alien, employment is light years away considering the nonchalant attitude of our past leaders, Security was so lax that bomb explosions is now a norm.

Where are the medical facilities deserving of the good people of Nigeria? , road accidents are testament to our deplorable roads full of death traps like military mines. Before we are engraved more into this dystopia, the promising government of the day must look elsewhere and the Patent RP13522 looks to be the Elixir of life that Nigeria needs.

Inventions and innovations during the Industrial Revolution were main contributing factors to the process of acceleration of the industrial development of Great Britain. Its industrial sector benefited from trade protection and other forms of government intervention in the trade flow through the Navigation Act and by means of political power and even military power.

Our Patent and Designs Act has given us an Invention Worth more than $150 billion in royalties of which over $45 billion goes to the pocket of the government as Tax. The effect of such huge income will have immense benefit on our economy. This will also strengthen Intellectual Property Rights in Nigeria and encourage our youths to embark on inventive careers.

Unfortunately, for over 14 years, agents of corruption in the Judiciary such as the recently sacked “Injustice” Gladys Olotu and highly corrupt lawyers who are renowned at defending corrupt politicians have prevented Nigeria from getting access to or benefiting from this provision.

At this time of economic stress, our government must act in defense of the Law, our economy and our Intellectual rights against such agents so as to ensure that all hands are on deck to earn Nigeria this fortune and most especially towards quick dispensation of Justice in Case SC/69/2011 before the Supreme Court over payment of $150 billion royalties.

If there ever was a time for the promising government of the day to meet the prevailing revolution with opportunity, to repay the masses for the choice of good over evil, for the battle against backwardness and injustice, for the election of a Corruption Slayer over a Corruption Lover, It is now!

Chief Ken

Mike Ozhekome: Human Right Lawyer or Self Aggrandizer

Though I have often heard well of him the addendum delegate, he stands a controversial figure before me. I have therefore taken a little time to study his personality. To be a mentor or a man to be kept at arm’s length?. His words carry weight and commands respect but I doubt his heart. I therefore pen this to reel out my mind and hope someday he responds to my doubts.

I watched and listened has he speaks of the plight of the oil producing States in the concluded National Conference. He spoke on our dependence on oil and the neglect of the oil producing states. It was an irony of words as I thought of the many ways he has contributed to the problems faced by his people and Nigerians alike.

As a Lawyer, an influential Senior Advocate of Nigeria, I consider the number of highly corrupt politicians he has defended in court. His success rate is phenomenal. Corrupt leaders who are meant to spend quality time in jail are the ones who patronize the service of Mike Ozhekome when dragged to court and they always find an easy way out with his services.

These same corrupt leaders are responsible for the sorry level of poverty and negligence in the oil producing states and other parts of Nigeria. They have found in Mike Ozhekome a partner who protects them from the law.

As a stake holder in Comandclem Nig. Ltd, I have watched Mike Ozhekome spew unforgivable words about a proud Nigerian inventor. The Anti-Corrosive Special Paint with patent RP 13522 issued on the 11th of August, 1999 has been the enabling chemical that aids the exploration of oil offshore in our salty waters.

This patented invention was infringed by many oil multinationals and a legal battle over payment of due royalties lingers in court. Over the years, there has been a lot of injustice and oppression of the Inventor. At the fore-front of this Injustice is Mike Ozhekome who on many occasions took the time to go on radio and talk ill of the Inventor. While representing the Chief Infringer in Mobil Nigeria Unlimited at the courts, a lot of injustice has been met out to the Inventor.

It is rumored that Chief Mike Ozhekome is the link between corrupt people and corrupt Judges. This is believable has he brags around like he runs the courts. He often beats his chest and claim that the Inventors of the Invention will never get a kobo for their ground breaking invention.

I suppose a human right activist should talk to the Infringers to own up to their evil and settle the matter in the noblest way. In a matter between the owner and the thief and with overwhelming evidence, Cheif Mike Ozhekome has pulled triggers and ensured that for over a decade, Justice has not been done.

We understand that Chief Mike Ozhekome is a lawyer first before becoming an activist and must do the work of a lawyer to earn a living. However, the work of lawyers is not to exonerate guilty clients at all cost for money, at the expense of justice.

It is therefore my submission that Chief Mike Ozhekome is a corrupt individual who does not deserve to be tagged a Human Right Activist.

Tapestry of Shame: President Goodluck Jonathan’s Fall from Grace

Our love for President Goodluck Jonathan was tantamount to the Biblical David and Jonathan relationship. We fought for him and made sure he succeeded. We were so sure of ourselves when we branded him the messiah that Nigeria needed. How hath the mighty fallen and the weapons of war perished?
It was our expectation that President Goodluck Jonathan would occupy the seat with weapons blazing. We brazed ourselves for the impact of EFCC arsenal on corrupt elements but unfortunately the fleeting feet failed and the battle axe fell with the warrior.  How did President Goodluck Jonathan get it wrong? How did the graceful one come about so much disrepute? After beautiful programs such as Youwin by Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, The Industrial Revolution, Agricultural Revolution by Akinwunmi Adesina of the Ministry of Agriculture and many more beautiful projects, why did it all end in shame? 

I have 4 reasons responsible for Goodluck Jonathan’s failure.

1.     Governor Mimiko
From a local angle, the Chief Campaigner of APC is Governor Mimiko. No thanks to selfishness, corruption and impunity, all his actions and inactions have continually strengthened the APC and weakened the PDP in Ondo State. He was found out and there was no hiding place. That President Goodluck Jonathan decided to accommodate the self centered fallen Angel was a political miscalculation. 

Many people of Ondo State have decided to dump Goodluck Jonathan only because of Power drunk Governor Mimiko whose deceit knows no boundary. President Goodluck Jonathan trusted his empty words as he promised to deliver Ondo State to him by giving him 1 million votes. I doubt if he will get 5% of Ondo State total votes. Mimiko already lost the trust of citizens when he decided to loot Ondo State allocations without implementing budgets for 2013 and 2014. He lost the faith of citizens when he decided to switch to PDP of bad reputation by destroying somewhat indigenous Labour Party.

Few years back we heard of over 1 billion loan package in a partnership deal with Bank of Industry by Mimiko’s Government. The bank disbursed less than N500 Million to applicants and N500 million was looted and supposedly shared between Governor Mimiko and his then commissioner for Commerce and Industry as there was no explanation from him or BOI on how over half a billion disappeared.

2.     N220 Billion MESME Fund Loot
We are yet to recover our $20 Billion NNPC loot and yet another fraud has crept in. The Industrial Revolution declared by President Goodluck Jonathan appeared to be the best in decades in Nigeria. However, The N220 billion MESME Central Bank fund originated from Lamido Sanusi’s tenure is going the way of the windfall of the gulf war. Will industrialists and potential business owners ever get access to the money? We hope so.

The N2 billion released to the 36 states is another kind of loot that should be investigated. In Ondo State, a fraction of it was released by Governor Mimiko to market women and artisans under a condition and as bribes to campaign and vote for Goodluck Jonathan. 

Mr Segun Ojo recently in Ondo State blew the whistle on a N2 billion money given to governor Mimiko to rig the coming election, could this actually be the money meant for potential business owners and SMEs? As usual and recently reported by Mr Segun Ojo, Governor Mimiko is going around sharing the money to touts and armed thugs while entrepreneurs who applied for loan packages are left unattended to. 
Industrialists and potential business owners who are yet to get a dime from the fund have been wondering if the remaining hasn’t found its way into the governor’s purse. 

The Bank of Industry has suddenly turned worse after the ouster of Mrs Evelyn. More stringent conditions have been put in place to discourage and frustrate loan applicants. It is my Submission that despite the beauty of the Industrial Revolution program, The Bank of Industry, State governors and some individuals by corruption, ignorance and indolence have frustrated the program and brought Goodluck Jonathan’s name to disrepute.
3.     Insecurity

When Former President Olusegun Obasanjo advised a crackdown on Boko haram terrorists, Just like Jeroboam, President Goodluck Jonathan neglected the advice of an elder and rather listened to his friends. Now that the kingdom is divided, it is too late to work. 

It was wrong for Jonathan to compare the circumstances surrounding Odi massacre to Boko Haram insurgency. Thousands of innocent lives have been avoidably lost and this has in no little measure disfavored the President. We are however glad that the military are reportedly living up to expectation as election draw nearer. 

4.     Corruption
Corruption has taken over the government under the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan. The government of the day is corruption personified. We have seen excessive shielding of thieves from prosecution, pardon for criminals and awarding of devils. These acts have in many ways promoted corruption. It is rumored that Governor Mimiko is desperate to make sure President Goodluck Jonathan gets a second term in order to escape the hammer of the law for his grand theft and looting of Ondo State treasury should there be a change. This is the reality. The President’s kind heart towards thieves has done too much damage not only to his name but to Nigeria as a whole.

The remaining weeks before election will decide a lot as there seem to be many swing voters. I suggest the President focus not only on the battle over Boko Haram but also the welfare of the people. The president can make do with The Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture to look into the lending policies of the Bank of Industry and come out with better packages. The various funds released for Industrial Revolution should be investigated and make sure they are released to the right people. 

The president must also shake things up. Elevated criminals must be unseated not to please a former President but Nigeria as a whole. I love Goodluck Jonathan just as many other Nigerians who crave and advocate a change. Perhaps a speedy resolution on these issues would bring grace towards a second term.

All we want is a better Nigeria. Not just a change.